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Here is your 1 search result for Luxury & Special Occasions in South Korea

Romantic Chuncheon - Ladies Tour

Romantic Chuncheon - Ladies Tour - Chuncheon-si, South Korea

Duration: 8 to 9 hrs
Location: Chuncheon-si, South Korea

From USD

Chuncheon Ladies Tour - Chuncheon is Hot place for Ladies!!
Shopping!! Food!! Drama Tour!!
- Only 1hr. 30min ... More info ›

Chuncheon Ladies Tour - Chuncheon is Hot place for Ladies!!
Shopping!! Food!! Drama Tour!!
- Only 1hr. 30min. away from Seoul, Shopping as local (as Tax Free condition), Eat as local and Visit various of Local hot places like Korean Drama Filmed Site " While You Were Sleeping".

Tour guide cum driver will meet you at the meeting point of Hongdae, Seoul. Meeting time is 9am. After 1hr. 30min. driver you will head to Chuncheon city where is about 1hr. 30min. away from Seoul.
This city is one of place named as Romantic tourist sites for all generation not only just Young couples but aged local people as they can explore the place where their memories back. Yuklim street is well known for this. 
You will take some photos at Yuklim street and feel real local street tour and traditional market is also located next to Yuklim street.
We will arrange very nice and tasty - Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken (Dakgalbi) for your lunch and give you some free time at Myeongdong street, Chuncheon. There are some of area you can do shopping as Tax fee. - Korean cosmetic, brand of goods are there.
Last tour course is the place where you can enjoy ice skating until the end of Jan. and in Feb. we will arrange tour to Strawberry farm nearby Chuncheon city instead of this festival join.

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